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Monty Smedley

Maritime Team Leader
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Training - Accident and incident investigation

Associated British Ports


Harbour Authorities have a responsibility to investigate incidents, and where relevant, collate pertinent information and compile an investigation report with safety improvement recommendations.

In November 2016, we held a Marine Accident and Incident Investigation training course for ABP Harbour Masters, pilots and marine managers.

The training is designed to equip marine staff who are required to carry out accident and incident investigation with the core knowledge needed to perform this role.

The two-day course was held at our offices in Southampton and delivered by a former principal inspector. Feedback from the attendees was extremely positive with many praising the detail and delivery, and how it inspired confidence to undertake an investigation if, and when, required. The course is designed for anyone whose rolke involves assessing marine risk or investigating maritime accidents and incidents, such as: Harbour masters, Deputies or assistants, Pier masters, Marine manager, VTS managers and marine superintendents.

Monty Smedley

Maritime Team Leader
+44 238 0711 892
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