Document Register

This is a management tool for marine related documents. You can

  • add, update and schedule record reviews
  • add documents and tag them with date registered, review date, history of access and viewing.
  • manage all referenced documents from one summary screen.
  • include entries on training or equipment certification so that marine operations can be monitored and managed.
  • generate document lists in MS Word reports for management review and reporting.

Operational Risk Management

This area provides tools to assess navigational risks at a port. You can

  • generate a ranked hazards list, which can be sorted, prioritised and printed as a report.
  • group hazards by classification such as nautical, port efficiency or environment.
  • assess the impacts to People, Property, the Planet and Port Business.
  • monitor changes over time as each assessment review is recorded to provide an audit trail.
  • interrogate and share the risk control optionsĀ and future risk controls selected as part of the risk assessment process (for example, in the first stage of a cost benefit analysis) as an MS Word report.

Accident/Incident Reports

This module has been created to collate and report marine and landside accidents or incidents. You can

  • classify accidents and incidents under Nautical Safety, Port Efficiency, Environment, Crisis Management or Personnel/Public.
  • easily add data entry through a user-friendly form.
  • export accidents/incidents of a reportable nature into a tailored MS Word report which can be submitted directly to MAIB or HSE.
  • select risk assessments for review.
  • investigate the link between the cause of the accident/incident and corresponding risk assessment that have cited the same cause.

Data Retrieval

This module offers a means for extracting and summarising information through a set of reports. You can

  • create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report providing a summary of entered information. This is often used in reporting to, for example, a Harbour Board or Designated Person.
  • download accident/incident statistics (summarised by incident type) for any time frame
  • generate a cause summary report providing a catalogue of all the causes of accident/incidents.
  • export all information into a CSV data output file for moving information to another process (such as GIS, database or spreadsheet).
  • download only water incidents as a CSV file or accidents/incidents involving people such as the UK National Water Safety Forum (WAID)

Download a free trial of MarNIS here

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