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The UK Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) states that port, harbour and terminal operators must appoint a Designated Person (DP) to provide independent assurance of their marine safety management system and impartial advice on matters of safety.

It goes on to stipulate that the DP “must have a thorough knowledge and understanding” of the Code’s requirements, the related Guide to Good Practice (GtGP) and associated port and marine legislation. The 2018 Guide itself recommends that harbour masters and their reports are not appointed as the DP.

ABPmer’s Maritime team specialises in understanding the PMSC inside out, regularly running training courses on the elements of the Code, facilitating risk management workshops and undertaking safety management system compliance audits.

Our experienced DPs are appointed to ports and harbours of varying scale and size around the UK, sharing their knowledge and experience gained from pilotage, mooring operations, harbour master and port consultancy.


Appointed DP with on-call service: contact your DP whenever needed

Board reporting and presentation: your DP can present findings from audits and ongoing trend analysis to your harbour board, ensuring conformity with your operations

Marine accident/incident investigation: specialist reviews conducted as and when required

MSMS gap analysis: a desk-based exercise carried out alongside the latest version of the PMSC and GtGP to benchmark the industry standard

PMSC compliance and assurance auditing: the GtGP requires internal audits to be carried out annually, and recommends external audits are conducted every three years

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DP Services

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DP Services

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DP Services

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