Mooring Assessment

As ever larger ships use our ports, the risk of bollard failure is increasing. Bollard failure and vessel breakaway has the potential to cause significant injuries and damage to property.

Testing of the bollards can determine what the maximum load the bollard can withstand before failure, but how do you know what force is being exerted by moored vessels using the berth?

We use Optimoor software to calculate the forces on a vessel’s lines and bollards to determine if the vessel can be safely moored at a berth. The calculations use methods prescribed by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and take account of the effects of metocean conditions on vessels.

Using Optimoor we can also determine the movement of a vessel on the berth under different metocean conditions and suggest the most appropriate mooring configuration to keep the vessel safely moored alongside.

New berth developments should also consider mooring analysis. This analysis will ensure that appropriately rated and positioned bollards are included in the design for the vessels that will be using the berth.

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Mooring Assessments
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