PMSC Audit

Auditing is a key component of measuring compliance with the PMSC; it is suggested that internal audits occur every year, and external audits are conducted every three years.

One of the main objectives for the external audit is to inform the publication of the marine safety plan and the Authority’s performance against the previous plan, as required by the code.

During a PMSC “Health Check” audit, a particular focus is your Marine Safety Management System (MSMS). We look at the procedures and policies in the MSMS to determine whether it reflects how operations are carried out at the port.

Our “Health Check” results in clear and concise audit reports that identify any potential opportunities for improvement and highlight areas where good practice can be adopted.

We also provide Governance Reviews for Harbour Authorities that consider high-level decision-making processes to ensure that they are open, accountable and fit for purpose.

Our audit services:

  • HSE ‘Safety in Docks’ Approved Code of Practice (UK)
  • Marine SMS auditing, including procedure auditing
  • Port Marine Safety Code ‘health check’ auditing (UK)

All our auditors are ISO 9001 Internal and Lead auditor trained with more than 10 years' professional auditing experience.

To find out more about our PMSC audit services, contact Monty Smedley on +44 (0)23 8071 1892.

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